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Derek Tam

Youth Advisory Board Members

Juliana Urban
Vicente Chavarria
Jude Ziliak
Jackson Studzinski



The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) serves as a liaison to the Early Music America Board and advises the board on issues and projects of EMA. EMA would like the Youth Advisory Board to provide insight on attracting and retaining members in their demographic.


  1. The committee will consist of 7 members.
  2. First term members of the YAB should be between the age of 18-28.
  3. Members will serve a 2-year term, renewable once, as long as they remain under the age of 32.
  4. A chair of the YAB committee must be selected.
  5. While EMA will provide YAB with agenda items, the YAB is encouraged to add to that agenda.
  6. YAB will hold conference calls quarterly and submit minutes from those calls to the Executive Director of EMA.
  7. To be a YAB member in good standing, you must attend three out of the four conference calls and actively participate in a YAB project as selected by the YAB committee.
  8. YAB members are encouraged to participate in EMA Board Committees in addition to their work on the YAB Board.
  9. YAB members are encouraged and invited to attend EMA’s Board of Directors meetings held in June and Jan/Feb each year. The Executive Director of EMA will let you know specific dates. There is a small travel subsidy budget available to YAB members to defray the costs of travel to the board meeting. Contact the Executive Director of EMA with questions about the subsidy. EMA typically gets a hotel group rate for its board meetings and YAB members may make use of that as well.

The Application Process

Applicants are welcome to answer the questions below via email, submit a resume and contact information (name, email, telephone) for two references, preferably from professors or professional colleagues, by July 31 st to Please include in the email subject line: YAB Member Application 2017.

In addition to your resume and reference information, your email should address the following questions:

  • What kind of exposure, contact, and/or experience have you had with EMA up to this point?
  • What do you like about EMA?
  • In what ways do you feel EMA could serve the needs of you and your colleagues better?
  • What perspective would you bring to the Youth Advisory Board?
  • The Youth Advisory Board is an active group that seeks to create and implement new projects and initiatives through the active participation of its Youth Advisory Board members.
  • Have you served on a board before and do you have the time available to dedicate to this board?

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