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Outreach Grant

Outreach Grant

Outreach Grant

Early Music America offers grants annually to support outreach and/or educational projects for children or adults by ensembles and individual artists.



Filigree Baroque

To fund an outreach concert series in the New York City area

Lycoming Baroque Choir and Orchestra (formerly Billtown Baroque)

To help start a Baroque performance organization in the Williamsport, PA area

Salish Sea Players

To fund an outreach concert series in the Pacific Northwest with special commendation for reaching out to underserved special needs populations

Three Notch'd Road

To help fund a program of the Charlottesville Baroque Ensemble for class/workshops on the music of Thomas Jefferson

World of Harpsichord

To fund a series of hands-on class/workshops for neighborhood kids in Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York City

Past Recipients & Application Process



The Connecticut Early Music Society
Jouyssance Early Music Ensemble


Ars Lyrica Houston
Echoing Air
Jessica Powell and the Capitol Consort of Viols
MYSO (Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra) Baroque Players
The Rose Ensemble


Catacoustic Consort
Jessica Powell and the Capitol Consort of Viols
Lisa Terry
Seattle Historical Arts for Kids


Eligible Applicants

Only current EMA members are eligible to apply.

Each member may submit no more than one proposal per year. EMA Outreach Grant recipients will not be eligible to apply again until the third year following their grant award.

EMA Board members and staff are not eligible to apply.

Grants will be awarded for projects taking place during the fiscal year (July 1-June 30) following the application deadline.


Applications are reviewed by an anonymous panel of judges and award announcements will be made by early May.


$2000 will be awarded for Medieval and Renaissance outreach projects and $2000 will be awarded for Baroque outreach projects. Outreach grant amounts range from $500-$1,000.

Required Materials
  1. Contact information
  2. Description of project for which grant will be used. Word Limit: 300 Max
  3. Estimated impact of project (i.e., number of students served, hours of contact time, etc.) Word Limit: 300 Max
  4. Specific dates or time range for grant use.
  5. Description of previous educational/outreach activities. Word Limit: 300 Max
  6. Project budget, showing projected revenues and expenses. Include in-kind revenues/expenses
  7. Biographical information on key individuals; organizational history (if relevant). Word Limit: 300 Max
Supporting Materials & Documents (while not required, any of the following may be included to support your application)
  1. Visual documentation of previous activities (videotape, DVD, or series of photographs)
  2. Brochures, programs, handouts, curriculum materials, etc. for proposed project or past activities
  3. Letters of recommendation
Additional Comments

Early Music Outreach is passionate promotion of early music awareness and appreciation. Its goal is to draw new audiences and participants to early music. More specifically, outreach includes but is not limited to the following: early music activities that focus on children, whether in or out or school; early music activities in public and private schools; lifelong learning courses on early music; web, TV, radio, DVD or other creative activities that advance public awareness and enjoyment of early music; early music ensembles or organizations that reach unusual audiences and populations (e.g. prisons, museums).

Application & Deadline

Application deadline is Friday, April 3, 2015 11:59 EST. To access the application, click here.


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