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Affiliate Program

Early Music America’s Affiliate Program is intended to facilitate the development of groups devoted to increasing public appreciation of early music, consistent with EMA’s articles of incorporation and mission statement.



The applicant for Affiliate status must be an organization that shares the aims of Early Music America and intends to operate on a not-for-profit basis. This implies a commitment to “promote and foster the performance and teaching of performance of music on instruments typical of the age in which the music was written and in the styles of performance typical of the age in which such music was written,” as stated in Early Music America’s articles of incorporation. Further desirable characteristics include:

  • Emphasis on performance, presenting, education and/or informational services
  • Commitment to an historically-informed approach
  • The applicant must have a clear, demonstrated capacity to perform the proposed project at a high professional level, evidenced preferably by the track record of the organization or of the individual participants. The applicant must also demonstrate the capacity to administer the project and make required reports to Early Music America and other agencies.
  • The applicant must demonstrate a clear need for Early Music America’s support and should simultaneously pursue other, complementary avenues for achieving its goals.
  • All Affiliates are required to maintain organizational membership in Early Music America.


The Affiliate will be eligible, as determined on a case-by-case basis, to:

  • Have Early Music America serve as its fiscal agent for defined projects (with the definition of a “project” to include the production of a season of performances or educational services) to facilitate the solicitation of public grants and private donations
  • Use Early Music America’s mailing list (at cost)
  • Place advertising inserts in Early Music America’s bulletins and other mailings (at cost).
  • The Affiliate may also apply to Early Music America for technical support services in a variety of areas.
  • Obligations of affiliate status

The Affiliate must comply with all of the terms of the Letter of Agreement, including reporting, fees, and waiver responsibility. It is particularly important that the Affiliate understand that, according to law, all funds received by Early Music America as fiscal agent are held and deployed at Early Music America’s discretion and may not be earmarked by the donor. Notwithstanding any donor’s specific designation, Early Music America retains ultimate discretion over all such funds and will release them for Affiliate use only against evidence that the project is progressing as agreed by EMA and Affiliate.


Applications should be made using the Application Form provided by Early Music America, with a cover letter summarizing the project proposal and supporting materials. These materials might include an audio or video recording, biographies of participants, press releases and reviews, a newsletter, etc. Applications, which should be directed to Early Music America’s Affiliate Coordinator, will be reviewed and voted on by Early Music America’s Board of Directors, whose decision is final.

Once the application has been approved, EMA will send a Letter of Agreement, signed by Early Music America’s representative(s), which must then be signed by the Affiliate’s representative(s) and returned to EMA. Affiliate status will become effective upon receipt by Early Music America of the signed Letter of Agreement, accompanied by a check for the required administrative fee, as well as by a membership application from those Affiliate applicants that are not already members of Early Music America.

Questions about the Affiliate Program? Email us or call 412-642-2778.

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