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Baroque Dance for Musicians

Julie Andrijeski

The simple step, both in its natural and stylized forms, can deeply impact our general music making. When sculpting musical notes into gestures, for instance, think about how subtleties in bow (or air) speed and pressure can add variety and shape.

Telemann 360°: Philadelphia Gives Telemann a Rousing Anniversary Celebration

By Anne Schuster Hunter

The world is throwing a grand anniversary party this year for one of the most deserving and long-overlooked artists in Baroque music, Georg Philipp Telemann. Everyone seems to be celebrating Telemann’s 250th Deathiversary: festivals, broadcasts, exhibitions, tributes, and tours are taking place from British Columbia to Australia. 

A group of violinists play intensely.

Berwick Academy Cultivates Young Period Players

James Bash

Word is out. Young professional musicians looking for an edge in their game or an extra nudge for their career have jumped at the chance to audition for the Berwick Academy, the intensive education-cum-performance institute that is part of the Oregon Bach Festival.

An American in Thiré

Susan Brodie

Was it coincidence that in 1979, when William Christie chose a name for his newly formed Paris-based Baroque ensemble, he found one that made reference to flowers, Les Arts Florissants? Deliberately or not, the moniker foretold the marvelous estate that has become the conductor’s primary home and haven, where he has hosted thousands of visitors for days of Baroque music and the pleasures of the garden.

EMAg: Piffaro Tilts at Musical Windmills

Anne Schuster Hunter

Piffaro members, from left, Joan Kimball, Bob Wiemken, Priscilla Herreid, Greg Ingles, Christa Patton, and Grant Herreid. (Photo by Church Street Studios) The Renaissance Band Brings Back the World of Don Quixote By Anne Schuster Hunter The 400th anniv …

Indianapolis Early Music Goes Gold

Jay Harvey

The festival will mark its 50th-anniversary season with a host of enticing programs. “If music be the food of love, play on,” begins the most famous opening speech in Shakespeare. The line also supplies the title for the concert that will launch the 50 …

Musical Miracles

Judith Malafronte

A recent press trip to Israel piqued my interest in that fascinating country’s early-music scene. Israel is at once ancient and new, like so much of what we are trying to do in our field, and I was curious about the history of the early-music revival, …

Anonymous 4: Appearing and Disappearing

Susan Hellauer

The admired a cappella ensemble bids the world farewell after three decades of radiant artistry. Sunday morning, August 3, 1986. The Upper West Side of Manhattan had been deserted by anyone who could get away, and not many showed up on West 99th Street …

Spreading the Gospel: Period Style for Modern Performers

Colin Eatock

Conductors with roots in early music are taking their expertise to symphony orchestras. There was a time, not so long ago, when modern performers tended to be wary of the early-music movement. Often, these two musical communities stood with their backs …

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