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CD Review: Baroque Recorder Ride

Recorder player Olwen Foulkes has assembled a real Baroque grab bag packed with plenty of technical and expressive possibilities. Listeners might not even notice that, apart from two pieces, none of the music on this disc was actually intended for her instrument.

A drawing of Adam Falkenhagen

CD Review: Three Lutes Played With Love

Mark Rimple has produced a well designed and beautifully executed album that showcases the longevity and ingenuity of lute composition in early modern Italy, and a marvelous modern approach to its performance.

CD Review: Gems Of Italian Renaissance

As documentation of an almost-lost practice of the Renaissance — how to take a multi-part vocal work and play it with just a solo voice and a viola da gamba — the recording by soprano Nadine Balbeisi and gambist Fernando Marín is worth its weight in gold.

Book Review: Splendid Couperin Edition

The volume, published by Bärenreiter, contains probing discussions about the genesis of the compositions, many having been written years before their publication, and their engraving, publication, and reception.

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