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Apollos 800

Raise Glass To Apollo’s Fire’s Silvery Celebration

What seemed like a dream for artistic director Jeannette Sorrell in 1992 is today a flourishing reality. “It’s a success story largely due to Jeannette’s nearly infallible sense of how to reach her audience,” said musicologist Ross Duffin, who coined the ensemble’s name.

BachBeethoven 800

Chicago Musicians Reaching Outside the Box

The Bach and Beethoven Ensemble is doing everything it can to attract audiences who know little about classical music and maybe even less about early music.

St. Mary Schola

As Pants The Hart, As Ends The Month!

There have been performances-a-plenty in such early music hotspots as Boston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Montreal, Washington, D.C., and Toronto, but how about Falmouth, Maine- population 11,185?

Meridionalis sopranos Molly Quinn and Nell Snaidas.

Performing Latin American Early Music

Churches, monasteries, theaters, and town squares reverberated with the sound of music: imported at first, the music gradually became more and more locally composed, performed by native and foreign-born musicians, enslaved or free.

WMU Collegium Musicum rehearsing Brandenburg 4

WMU Collegium Musicum Celebrates 50 Years

Direct Matt Steel notes that when he arrived at WMU in Winter 1984 to become Collegium Director, the ensemble was small, around 10, consisting mostly of music students wanting to try out its many “weird” wind instruments.

I Furiosi 800 Cylla von Tiedemann

Rocking And Rolling With The Baroque

The Toronto-based quartet I Furiosi has delved into such wide-ranging topics as insanity, inebriation, lying, narcissism, hell, outer space, and much more. Their next concert, on April 17, cryptically titled “A Fork in the Road,” will be an ironic celebration of bad decisions through the ages.

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