For lifetime achievement in the field of early music

This award is named in memory of the renowned and beloved musicologist from the University of Chicago, Howard Mayer Brown.

Brown’s scholarship covered a wide range of subjects. He published on the music of the Renaissance, especially the chanson and instrumental music, and frequently returned to problems in historical performance practice, a subfield in which he was one of the most important commentators.

2019 Recipient: Lyle Nordstrom

Lyle Nordstrom (right) is presented with the 2019 Howard Mayer Brown Award by Raglind Binkley

During his 56 years of performing early music, Lyle’s thrust has always been as a strong advocate and teacher of this music. Leading people into the workings and joys of this music, both as performers and listeners, has brought a great satisfaction to him and his wonderful wife, Patricia, who has been performing and facilitating at every stage along the way.

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  • 2018: Ross Duffin and Bev Simmons
  • 2017: Thomas Forrest Kelley
  • 2016: Louise Basbas
  • 2015: William Monical
  • 2014:  Jeanne Lamon
  • 2013: James Nicolson
  • 2012: José Verstappen
  • 2011: Boston Early Music Festival
  • 2010: Benjamin Bagby
  • 2009: Stanley Ritchie
  • 2008: Robert Cole
  • 2007: Mary Springfels
  • 2006: Alejandro Enrique Planchart
  • 2005: Friedrich and Ingeborg von Huene
  • 2004: Laurette Goldberg
  • 2003: Joel Cohen
  • 2002: Philip Brett 
  • 2001: Timothy McGee
  • 2000: Michael & Kay Jaffee
  • 1999: George Houle
  • 1998: George Hunter
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