Individuals and organizations (EMA members and non-members) may submit early music/historical performance news and press releases using the form below. Your submissions will be displayed on the Early Music News & Reviews page once approved.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions must relate to early music or historical performance practice.
  • Submission titles must be unique and may not duplicate previous post titles.
  • Submission titles should make sense as a standalone headline.
    • Example: “Early Music America to present Young Performers Festival in May” NOT “Young Performers Festival”
  • The Your URL field should be used to link to your website, if applicable.
    • If you are submitting previously recorded video or audio, please include that link in the main content area (after the Post Category field) to allow it to be seen within the body of your post.

Submission Policies

  • Submissions will be reviewed within 24-48 hours.
  • Submissions will be considered for inclusion in EMA’s E-Notes newsletter for the Tuesday following approval.
  • Submissions will be considered for inclusion in the EMAg news round-up Courant if submitted by:
    • March 1 (May EMAg)
    • July 1 (September EMAg)
    • November 1 (January EMAg)

More Ways to Share Your Updates

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