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Early Instrument Exchange

Early Instrument Exchange

A place for musicians in North America to buy and sell period instruments.


6 string (G to G) pardessus de viole from the Lu-Mi Workshop.  Very sweet tone.  Comes with hard case and soft case, extra strings, Chris English bow. 
Asking price: $4,275

Christopher Savino Baroque Violin, Albuquerque, NM, 2008 – Recent double Gold Medalist in the 2018 Violin Society of America Making Competition. Instrument is in excellent condition, has only had one owner and was played by a professional period musician. The violin has a very clear, responsive and warm tone. Inquiries welcome.
Asking price: $15,000

Beukers model baroque flute at 415 by Simon Polak. Grenadilla, in excellent condition.
Asking price: $1500 plus shipping

2007 Baroque flute: 4-part Naust by Fridtjof Aurin in stained boxwood with centers for 415 and 400.
Asking price: $1,400

Leslie Ross bass dulcian a=440. Excellent condition. About 10 years old.
Asking price: $2300

Recorders: Consort soprano, 2 Mollenhauer altos, German Schneider tenor. Good condition in original 1960’s-70’s boxes, all wooden.
Asking price: All four $85

5-string Baroque Cello, after Montagnana + custom padded bag. String length 26 5/8 inches (677mm), back 29 3/4 inch (756mm). Tuned either: e(d) A D G C, or A D G C (GG/FF). Conversion by luthier Devin Hough, Davis, California. Detachable wooden end-pin after Praetorius.
Asking price: $5,250

2009 baroque violin Stradivarius copy made by Warren Ellison Played since 2012. Nice volume and rich, clear tone. Comes with Chinese bow and blue Gewa case.
Asking Price $7500 obo.

Dulcian by Otto Fleischmann (Bernhard Klebel’s Musica Antiqua Wien) 1976: handmade in Vienna. In original lined fitted hard case. Needs cleaning and fussing over.
Asking Price: $1500


Postings are limited to period instruments (both historical instruments and modern reproductions) and not modern instruments.
Postings will be removed 30 days after the initial listing. To extend your listing, please contact EMA via the email below. 

New submissions should include:

Short Instrument Type/Description (limited to one sentence.)
Initial asking price
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For more details and photos of instruments, please contact the seller using the listed email.
Caveat emptor – let the buyer beware. Early Music America is not responsible for transactions initiated through this page.
Facebook users may also find our group “Used Baroque and Early Music Instruments North America” helpful.


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