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Jacob Kirckman Double Manual Harpsichord, 1768
Mahogany case with crossbanding and chevron stringing. The faciaboard, nameboard, and cheeks are veneered with panels of root walnut with chevron stringing and Kingwood crossbanding. The soundboard has an inset gilt rose, pierced and carved with a griffin flanked on either side by the initials “I K” (Iacobus Kirckman). This piece was exhibited at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England.
Closing date: 12/15/2019
Asking price: $90,000 o.b.o.
Contact: BCalResearch@gmail.com

John Broadwood & Sons 1808 Grand Piano
Light mahogany case with rosewood cross banding, inlays, satinwood nameboard with rosewood banding and ebony stringing; sharply angled tail; carved mahogany stand with bars below stylized lyres, brass animal feet, front cross bar holds three pedals, which end at top in three slender turned posts.
Closing date: 12/15/2019
Asking price: $40,000
Contact: BCalResearch@gmail.com

Hanz Zolch Viola d’Amore
c. 1970, perfect condition, 7 string. Photos upon request.
Closing date: 1/14/2020
Asking price: $16,000
Contact: davidjblazer@gmail.com

Francesco Livirghi Voice flute (tenor recorder in D)
A=415, only a year old, a little smaller than typical voice flutes so good for smaller hands
Closing date: 1/10/2020
Asking price: $2,560
Contact: tishberlin@gmail.com

English bent side spinet harpsichord
Solid wood casework with slight damage to decorative moldings from transport. Spruce soundboard with no cracks; reverse keyboard with rosewood naturals, faux ivory sharps and carved arcades on key fronts. Instrument professionally inspected and regulated recently and is in excellent stable playing condition. Approximately 67″ long and 25″ deep. 54 notes GG/BB–d3, with short octave and split sharps in the bass for fully chromatic range. Strung in brass. Original stand not included, but previous owner fitted instrument with three detachable fluted legs. Includes toolkit with tuning hammer, spare jacks, plectra, strings and other spare parts. 
Closing date: 1/7/2020
Asking price: $3,000
Contact: tshall68@icloud.com

Set of Günter Körber Krummhorns
Complete set: SATB. Extra soprano and alto.
Listed: 10/7/2019
Closing date: 11/10/2019
Asking price: $3,000 o.b.o.
Contact: dalisowner@yahoo.com

Bass Viola da Gamba Bow
by William Monical, ca.1975 62g, Octagonal Pernambuco Stick, Ebony Frog, Ebony Button
Closing date: 1/7/2020
Asking price: $1,200 o.b.o.
Contact: phillip@phillipwserna.com

Renaissance Bass Viola da Gamba
6-string Flatback Bass Viola da Gamba by Michael Heale, No.181, 1977 (with wooden case). 2-Piece Spruce Top with Medium Grain Toward Edges, 2-Piece Highly Flamed Quarter-Cut Maple with Inlaid Patterned Purfling, Matching Slab Cut Highly Flamed Maple Ribs, Carved Slightly Flamed Maple Neck with Inlaid Purfling, Pierced Pegbox Fitted with Six Rosewood Pegs with Ivory Ball Finales, Rosewood Fingerboard with Ivory Nut, Transparent Pale Golden Amber Varnish, Upper Bout 30.0cm, Middle Bout 21.7cm, Lower Bout 36.0cm, Body Length Top 65.8cm, Body Length Back 67.0cm, Rib Width 11.8cm, String Length 67.5cm
Closing date: 1/7/2020
Asking price: $3,500 o.b.o.
Contact: phillip@phillipwserna.com

Baroque Bass Bow
Brazilian French-Style Baroque Bass Bow, No Stamp, ca. 2006 – 131g. Marketed in US by United Strings International of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Octagonal Snakewood Stick, Snakewood Frog, Snakewood Button
Closing date 1/7/2020
Asking price: $2,000 o.b.o.
Contact: phillip@phillipwserna.com

18th century Baroque cello
Four strings, neck graft, maple fingerboard and tailpiece. 
Closing date: 1/6/2020
Asking price: $50,000
Contact: linda@lindawest.com

6 string (G to G) pardessus de viole from the Lu-Mi Workshop.
Very sweet tone.  Comes with hard case and soft case, extra strings, Chris English bow. 
Closing date: 11/14/2019
Asking price: $4,275 
Contact: patricia@focusedfinances.com

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