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Early Music Recording Archive

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CD Review: Vivaldian Virtuosity

Spanish violinist Lina Tur Bonet brings abundant flair to Vivaldi’s demanding ‘Il Grosso Mogul’ concerto, as well as other works by the Italian composer and an excerpt from a concerto by his pupil Johann Georg Pisendel, edited by the master himself.

CD Review: Brahms Goes Historical

Yi-heng Yang and Kate Bennett Wadsworth are not the first modern musicians to record Brahms’ Cello Sonatas on period instruments — in this case an 1875 Streicher piano and a gut-strung cello played without endpin. But they are the first to do so while attempting to revive late 19th-century performance practice.

CD Review: Keyboard Master At Work

Joan Benson has had a formidable career as a recording artist, teacher, pedagogue, and published author. Now, at 93, her prolific performing career is once again visible to the masses through this collection: a two-CDd set of works culled from her live performances and studio albums spanning 40 years.

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