Annual Workshop Scholarships

Early Music America offers scholarships annually to students at all levels of experience to support attendance at early music workshops in the United States and Canada. 

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Andrew Truskowski, natural horn
Level 1 Scholarship
Workshop: Indiana University Natural Horn Workshop
David Beklovski, harpsichord
Level 2 Scholarship
Workshop: Domaine Forget (Chamber Orchestra and Continuo)
Alyssa Campbell, violin
Level 2 Scholarship
Workshop: Berwick Academy
Brenda Koh, violin
Level 2 Scholarship
Workshop: American Bach Soloists Academy
Peter Lim, harpsichord
Level 2 Scholarship
Workshop: Tafelmusik Summer Baroque Music Institute
Sinead White, soprano
Level 2 Scholarship
Workshop: Boston Early Music Festival Young Artist Training Program

Application Process

There are two types of scholarships offered for summer workshops: 

Level 1 Scholarships: For students seeking to develop skills and gain experience in early music performance, typically as part of a broader musical education.
Level 2 Scholarships: For advanced students already experienced in the study and performance of early music, typically aspiring to a professional level of attainment.

Students must choose either Level 1 or Level 2 when applying for each workshop. You are not eligible to submit the same workshop application for both levels. Please note, we have two separate application forms for Level 1 and Level 2.


  • Applications are open to high school, undergraduate, or graduate students.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time during the spring term of the application deadline.
  • Early Music America membership is required of all applicants.
  • Historical performance students qualify for a one-year complimentary student membership. If you are unsure of your membership status, please email
  • 2018 EMA Summer Scholarships recipients will not be eligible to apply for the same level in 2019 and can re-apply again for funding in 2020. However, 2018 Level 1 recipients can apply for a Level 2 scholarship in 2019.

Materials to be Submitted

  • Contact Information
  • Education Information
  • Workshop Information
  • Personal Essay
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Music Selections
  • List of Works Performed in #6

Application Instructions and Information

The application period is now closed for Summer Workshop Scholarships. Please check back for updates in January 2020.

  • Completed online application forms must be submitted by Monday, April 8, 2019 at 11:59 PM ET.
  • Letter of recommendation must be submitted by Friday, April 12, 2019 at 11:59 PM ET.
  • Students can submit an application for more than one workshop. If you are applying for multiple workshops, you must submit a separate application for each workshop.
  • While the monetary amounts of these scholarships are set, the number of scholarships awarded will be determined by the judges based on the applicant pool received. Level 1 Scholarships: $1,000; Level 2 Scholarships: $1,250
  • Award announcements will be made by Friday, May 3, 2019.
    Questions may be sent to EMA at

We highly encourage you to submit your application several days prior to the deadline, so we can resolve any issues in a timely matter. We will not be able to accept any applications after the deadline has passed.

Suitable Summer Workshops

The Summer Workshops listed below represent the types of North American pre-professional and professional workshops suitable for Summer Workshop Scholarship applicants. This is not exhaustive list, and applicants should contact EMA with questions about the suitability of the proposed workshop.

Past Recipients


Darina Ablogina
Butter Quartet
Margaret Carpenter-Haigh
Marilyn Winkle
Shuang Yu 


Veronika Anissimova
Maximilien Brisson
Gemma Goday Díaz-Corralejo
Joseph Harris
Liz Vivian Loayaza Herrera
Hanbyeol Lee
Carter Tholl
Zuguang Xiao
Sydney ZumMallen 


Mary Arendt
Sarah Bliele
Katherine Boardman
Joyce Chen
Jena Gardner
Chloe Kim
Maryse Legault
Nicholas Loucks
Marie Nadeau-Tremblay 


Jessica Korotkin
Daniel Mireles
Jonathan Slade
Alice Culin-Ellison
Sarah Lodico
Arnie Tonimoto
David Dickey
Bryan Lane
Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen 


Michael Manning
Mariana Mevans
Arian Vriens
Sallynee Amawat
Amy Belknap
Cynthia Black
Christopher Grills
Joshua Romatowski
Corey Shotwell 


Gabriel Benton
Vanessa Castillo
Ryan Gallagher
Fiona Gillespie
Heather Holmquest
Sarah Huebsch
Joseph Monticello
Andrew Padgett
Alize Rozsnyai
James Williamson 


Megan Chartrand
Carlos Cuestas
Ching Yi
Denise Fan
Brennan Hall
Allen Hamrick
Lindsay McIntosh
Lindsey McLennan
Michael Pecak
Annabeth Shirley
Christine Wilkinson 


Gabriel Benton
Shin Hwang
Emily Lau
Sarah Meyer
Jessica Petrus
Maria Raffaele
John Romey
Niccolo Seligmann
Amy Shen
Beiliang Zhu 


Liliana Castelblanco
Laura Cleveland
Caitlin Dawson
Lucy Fitz Gibbon
Ariana Mason
Maria Jose Romero
Robert Warner 


Michel Angers
Bryan Duerfeldt
Stephen Gamboa
Salome Sandoval McNutt
Ka-Wai Yu
Patrick Jones
Sian Ricketts


Andrew Arceci
Lydia Brotherton
Hélène Brunet
Luke Conklin
James Augustine “Gus” Mercante


Suzanne Anderson
Hsuan Chang
Paul Kieffer
Andrew Fouts
Alexa Raine-Wright 


Adam Bregman
Janelle Davis
Dianna Grabowski
Everett Redburn
Yulia Van Doren 


Dalyn Cook
Yura Nakajima
Laura Osterlund 


Brandi Berry
Liam Byrne
Debra Nagy 


Mahan Esfahani
David Giusti
Andrew Levy 


Ghislaine Deschambault
Charlotte Dobbs
John Rush 


Benjamin Katz
Vivien Shotwell
Hideki Yamaya 


Felix Deak
Daphna Mor
Joanna Morton
Adam Pearl 


Risa Kawabata
Alicia Kravitz
Ilya Poletaev 


Fania Schwebel
Héctor Sequera

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