Supporting Early Musicians in Need

Update 5/27/21: The Relief Fund has been fully distributed and is not currently open for applications.

The current global health crisis is having a severe impact on arts and culture. Performances and productions have been canceled for months, with the result that many musicians are suffering severe financial stress. More than 140 musicians completed EMA’s COVID-19 Impact Survey and most reported financial losses resulting from concert cancellations. It’s hard to comprehend the impact this moment will have on the arts in the US.

We know we don’t have the resources to help everyone and that these mini-grants can’t make up for many months of loss of performance income. But we can do something, and, in doing so, set an example of community spirit and provide some hope in this time of unprecedented challenge to livelihoods, artistic expression and security. This page is where early musicians apply for a mini grant and where those with the means can contribute to the fund.

EMA and Gotham Early Music Scene partnered to promote this fund. #WeAreEarlyMusic Together!


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Find more resources on EMA’s Responding to COVID-19 page

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