Book Review: Cello Works By A British Master

Not only does this new edition of the Capriccios and Exercises for the Violoncello, Op. 15, by Robert Lindley fill an important gap in our knowledge of the history of cello playing, but it also will be of great use to teachers and students of the instrument.

Book Review: More Ilumination About François Couperin

The harpsichordist and musicologist Jane Clark, Swansea University professor emeritus Derek Connon, and Keyword Press have published a third, revised edition of The Mirror of Human Life. They have improved what was already a very good thing.

Book Review: Tracing The British Roots Of Benefit Performances

This book provides new insights into how benefit performances “for musicians, composers and singers became an integral part of the commercial music business during the eighteenth century.” Little has changed in the music world since that time.

Book Review: Collection Abounds In Telemann Topics

As the only English-language resource of its kind, Steve Zohn’s excellent book should be considered a long overdue and much welcomed addition for libraries and anyone with an interest in 18th-century music.

Book Review: Early English Keyboard Music Explored

David J. Smith’s ‘Aspects of Early English Keyboard Music before c.1630’ contains 11 studies ranging widely in structure and focus, reflecting their diverse origins as papers first delivered at various conferences between 2004 and 2008.

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