Book Review: Fresh Take On Musical Authorship

Stephen Rose challenges contemporary critical views that de-emphasize the role of the composer by showing that performers and composers were understood as occupying two separate spheres, blurring the line of authorial primacy.

Book Review: In Praise Of A Stellar Countertenor

We learn not only about Alfred Deller’s remarkable career in Christine Headley’s wonderful book, ‘Sound the Trumpet,’ but also about the Stour Music Festival, with which he was so closely associated.

Book Review: Giving Anna Magdalena Bach Her Due

David Yearsley’s ‘Sex, Death, and Minuets: Anna Magdalena Bach and Her Musical Notebooks’ is a comprehensive study of the two famous Clavier-Büchlein that belonged to J. S. Bach’s second wife and eventual widow.

Book Review: Portrait Of A Remarkable Artist

Berta Joncus’ brilliant new book compels us to imagine London’s rich musical scene through the eyes and voice of one of the 18th century’s most extraordinary performers: Kitty Clive.

Book Review: Wood’s Love of Bach Illuminated

Viewing Sir Henry Wood as an unappreciated figure in the “Bach revival” movement, Hannah French has industriously researched the scores and orchestral parts of the Bach works belonging to the conductor and used for his performances.

Book Review: Inspiring Profile In Courage

The Czech-born harpsichordist Zuzana Růžičková (1927-2017) recounted her amazing life in ‘One Hundred Miracles: A Memoir of Music and Survival,’ written with Wendy Holden.

Book Review: Entrancing Guide To Singing Early Music

Martha Elliott is excellent in discussing how to read Baroque scores, closely comparing various published versions (including facsimile, early publication, 19th-century edition, and complete works edition) of a single piece.

Book Review: Handel Documents Aplenty

The magisterial multi-volume set of Handel documents put together by Donald Burrows and the distinguished Handel scholars Helen Coffey, John Greenacombe, and the late Anthony Hicks promises to include just about everything written about, by, to, and for Handel.

Book Review: Boston As Harpsichord Haven

‘The Boston School of Harpsichord Building: William Dowd, Eric Herz and Frank Hubbard, Personal Reminiscences by the People Who Knew and Worked with Them’ tells the story of an early-music revolution, the re-revival of the historical harpsichord.

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