Early music experiences its renaissance all over the world. As music of medieval, renaissance and baroque eras becomes more popular, more musicians and ensembles make this music their specialty.

Early Music Okanagan (EMO) is a new project of Okanagan musicians who have teamed up in an attempt to popularize early music in the community.

“The beauty of early music is that it can be performed not just by big symphony orchestras in huge concert halls, actually, it sounds more appropriate and authentic in smaller spaces and with fewer instruments and voices,” said Natalia Polchenko, an alto who sings in the Inspirati Chorale, which is about to take part in EMO’s inaugural performance, BAROQUE, mostly.

“EMO is an opportunity to combine the individual efforts, so the sum effect might become greater than the parts,” she said. “With combined efforts, the more complex and ambitious musical projects are becoming a possibility. Early Music Okanagan invites all enthusiasts of early music to collaborate so our community (can) have more opportunities and choices in enjoying this fabulous music.”

In the concerts, musicians will perform sacred and secular music by Vivaldi, Handel, Purcell, and others. The program includes vocal and instrumental music from 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

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