A Spring Fete! – Lecture/Performance: New York Baroque Dance Company

Lecture/Performance: New York Baroque Dance Company at the Morgan Library, March 17, 2023
5:30pm and 6:30pm, each approximately 25 minutes

Claude Gillot was inspired by the troupe of Italian actors performing commedia dell’arte plays in Paris circa 1700. These satires featured the rogue Harlequin, the belle Colombine, and the rascal Scaramouche, who used pantomime, acrobatics, dance, and the spoken word to communicate to a diverse audience. See these characters come to life in a lecture by Catherine Turocy and brief dance performances by members of The New York Baroque Dance Company with guest actor, Mace Perlman. Based on routines recorded in early eighteenth-century dance notations as well as in Gregorio Lambranzi’s 1716 masterpiece The New and Curious School of Theatrical Dancing, this historical dance program reveals the timeless humor of the commedia dell’arte.

Tickets are free!

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