Emerging Professional Leadership Council

2019-2020 EPLC Members

Ruby Brallier
Martin Bernstein
Alice Culin-Ellison
Paulina Francisco
Dominic Giardino
Christine Jay

Danur Kvilhaug
Georgina McKay Lodge, Chair
JT Mitchell
Jon Salamon
Jeffrey Smith
Sara Viciniaz


The Emerging Professional Leadership Council (EPLC) works alongside the board of Early Music America to support and advocate for the next generation of early music professionals, scholarship, patrons, and enthusiasts in North America.


  • All council members should maintain a current EMA membership.
  • The council will consist of up to 10 members.
  • Members are ages 32 and under.
  • Members will serve a 2-year term, renewable once, as long as they remain under the age of 32.
  • A chair of the EPLC committee must be selected by the EMA Executive Director and former Council Chair.
  • The chair of the EPLC will create the agenda for meetings and will work with the EMA staff to communicate with members.
  • EPLC will hold conference calls quarterly and submit minutes from those calls to the Executive Director of EMA.
  • To be an EPLC member in good standing, you must attend three out of the four conference calls and actively participate in a Council project as selected by the Emerging Professional Leadership Council.
  • Council Members are encouraged to participate in EMA Board Committees in addition to their own work on the Council.
  • EPLC members are encouraged to attend EMA’s Board of Directors meetings held in Jan/Feb & June of each year (the Executive Director of EMA will let you know specific dates). There is a small travel subsidy budget available to EPLC members to defray the costs of travel to the board meetings; priority will be given to the EPLC chair and then to seniority of membership to attend the June meeting. EMA typically gets a hotel group rate for its board meetings and EPLC members may make use of that, and EMA will endeavor to find homestay hosts.


The application period is currently closed. Please check back August 2020.

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