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Adam Bregman, sackbut, slide trumpet, early brass pedagogy, historical composition

Adam Dillon, Sackbut, brass pedagogy

Kris Kwapis, Baroque trumpet, natural trumpet, cornetto

Bodie Pfost, sackbut

Catherine Turocy, Baroque Dance for All Musicians

Andrea Botticelli, Clavichord, Fortepiano, Piano

Michael Delfin, harpsichord

Jillon Stoppels Dupree, harpsichord, basso continuo

Frances Conover Fitch, harpsichord, organ

Aya Hamada, harpsichord

Alexa Haynes-Pilon, Baroque cello, viol

Margaret Irwin-Brandon, Harpsichord, Organ, Clavichord, Fortepiano

Dennis James, Glass Armonica, Seraphim, Verrophone, Cristal Baschet, Bouteillophone, Glass-Cord

Jeanne Johnson, Baroque violin and viola

JungHae Kim, harpsichord, continuo

Peter Lim, harpsichord

Paula Maust, harpsichord, organ

Lenora McCroskey, harpsichord, continuo, organ

Augusta McKay Lodge, piano

Anders Muskens, fortepiano, clavichord, harpsichord

Martha H. Stiehl, harpsichord, organ, continuo

Victoria Suchodolski, harpsichord

John Walthausen, harpsichord, organ

Peter Maundhand drums, percussion

Sallynee Amawat, Baroque and Modern violin

Tristan Best, viola da gamba

Ruby Brallier, viola da gamba, historical cello

Amy Brodo, viola da gamba, baroque cello

Alyssa Campbell, Baroque violin and viola

Vijay Chalasani, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and modern viola

Sarah Coffman, viola da gamba, baroque cello

Sarah C Darling, Baroque violin and viola, modern viola

Amy Domingues, viola da gamba, baroque cello

Aniela Eddy, Baroque & Modern violin

Julie Elhard, viola da gamba

Emily Hale, Baroque violin

Gail Hernández Rosa, Baroque violin & viola

Yukimi Kambe, viola da gamba

Liz Kiger, Baroque violin

Chloe Kim, Baroque & Modern violin

Heather Miller Lardin, Double bass, violone, viola da gamba

Daniel S. Lee, early violins, violoncello da spalla

Eleanor Legault, Historical and Modern violin and viola

Carol Lewis, viola da gamba

Josephine van Lier, cello, Baroque cello, viola da gamba

Jaap ter Linden, Baroque cello, viola da gamba

Augusta McKay Lodge, Baroque & Modern violin

Joseph Lorang, Baroque and Modern violin

Sophie Genevieve Lowe, Baroque & Modern violin, Baroque viola

Laura Mazza-Dixon, viola da gamba

Jeannot Maha’a, baroque cello, Viennese violone, double bass, viola da gamba

Carla Moore, Baroque Violin and Viola

Stephen Moran, Historical and modern cello, viola da gamba

Rosamund Morley, Viola da Gamba, Vielle

Patricia Ann Neely, Viola da Gamba, Violone, Vielle

Joan Plana, Baroque and Modern Violin and Viola

María Romero Ramos, Baroque and modern violin

Phillip W. Serna, Double Bass, Violas da Gamba (Treble, Tenor, Bass), Violone

Rebecca Shaw, Baroque Cello, Modern Cello, violin, viola, bass

Sarah Stone, Baroque Cello, Piccolo Cello, Viola da Gamba

Ginna Watson, baroque violin and viola, vielle, rebec

Rachell Ellen Wong, Baroque and Modern Violin and Viola

Alana Youssefian, Baroque & Modern Violin

Jude Ziliak, Baroque & Modern Violin, Viola

Timothy Burris, Renaissance lute, Baroque lute, theorbo, classical guitar

Lucas Harris, Lute, theorbo, Baroque guitar

Olav Chris Henriksen, Renaissance lute, Baroque lute, theorbo, guitar (Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical)

Charles Iner, renaissance lute

Daniel Keene, renaissance lute, classical guitar

Richard Kolb, renaissance lute, theorbo, archlute, baroque guitar

Catherine Liddell, renaissance and baroque lutes, theorbo

Laura Mazza-Dixon, classical guitar

Carey Morrow, Theorbo, Baroque Lute, Renaissance Lute, Baroque Guitar, Classical Guitar

Zoe Vandermeer, harp

Ginna Watson, medieval harp

Carmeron Welke, Renaissance and Baroque lute, theorbo, guitar

María Gabriela Alvarado, Baroque flute, modern flute

Annette Bauer, recorder

Rachel Begley, recorder, dulcian, baroque bassoon

Tish Berlin, recorder

Deborah Booth, Recorder, baroque flute

Sarah Cantor, recorders, baroque flute

Thomas Carroll, Clarinet (baroque, classical, romantic), Chalumeau, Basset Horn

Leighann Daihl Ragusa, Baroque flute

Ruth Denton, Baroque oboe

Jan Elliott, Recorder

Curtis Foster, Baroque oboe, recorder

Claudia Liliana Gantivar, recorder

Laura Hagen, recorder

Alexa Haynes-Pilon, Baroque bassoon

Jean Hein, recorder

Teddie Hwang, historical flutes

Lisette Kielson, recorder

Fiona Last, Baroque and Classical oboe

Peter Lim, recorder, baroque oboe

Judy Linsenberg, recorder

Joanna Marsden, baroque flute, Classical/Romantic flute

Amanda Markwick, Baroque flute, Renaissance flute

Daphna Mor, recorder

Patricia Petersen, recorder

Gwyn Roberts, recorder, baroque flute, renaissance flute

Sarah Huebsch Schilling, Baroque oboe, recorder, Renaissance reeds

Kathie Stewart, Baroque flute, recorder

Suzanne Stumpf, traverso, Classical flute, old-system Romantic flute, suzannestumpf.com

John Tyson, recorder, pipe & tabor

Mara Winter, classical traverso, baroque traverso, renaissance traverso, medieval traverso

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Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, strings, winds, keyboard, and voice

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