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Baroque string specialist working for music publisher forced to leave UK after visa non renewal

Australian musician Shannon Luk has been working in Schott Music’s London office, but will have to leave the country in February after the UK authorities rejected his application for a Tier 2 visa, for an experienced worker sponsored by the company that employs him.

Source: The Strad. Published: January 11, 2018.

How a classical musician turned 400-year-old French songs into a modern hit

Many younger artists are, like [Emi] Ferguson, seeking more agency and autonomy than they can find by focusing exclusively on the great works of the past. They are also looking for ways to incorporate more of the musical styles they love into their performances.

Source: The Washington Post. Published: January 5, 2018.

Travel setbacks overcome by Europa Galante in a splendid early music concert

Good news: The 13 musicians of this acclaimed early music group from Italy arrived safely this weekend in San Diego, the first stop of their American tour. The bad news: Their checked luggage did not come with them. That included a violone, a five-stringed fretted instrument the size of a double bas …

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune. Published: January 8, 2018.

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