David McCormick, Executive Director [as of Nov. 15, 2021](davidmccormick@, ext. 202, ET)
Dina Bash, Assistant Director
(dina@, ext. 201, ET)
David Simmons Wood, Programs Director
(davidwood@, ext. 203, CT)
Pierre Ruhe, Publications Director [EMAg & online news, reviews, features](pierre@, ext. 204, ET)
Carmen Johnson-Pájaro, Development Associate
(carmen@, ext. 206, ET)

All staff email addresses begin with the name@ as identified in the staff list above and end with

To leave staff members a voicemail, please call 412-642-2778 and use their extension number in the list above. We will endeavor to return your call as soon as possible, within 24-48 hours. Our staff are located throughout North America and their timezones are listed next to their extension number.

Board Officers 2021-22

Derek Tam, President
Holly Maurer, Vice President
Tom Rosenthal, Treasurer
Maria Romero Ramos, Secretary

Board Members 2021-22

Cathy Barbash
Jesse Blumberg
Laurie Camm
Linda Clifford
Tekla Cunningham
Adam Gilbert
Jean Hein
Corey Jamason
Nicholas Jones
Dana Marsh
Alison Melville

Reginald Mobley
Patrica Ann Neely
Aisslinn Nosky
Frank Nowell
Gary Payne
Steve Plank
Byron Rakitzis
Carrie Sykes
Michael Walker
Dana Whiteside

Councils and Task Forces

Emerging Professional Leadership Council (EPLC)
Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Task Force

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