Early Music America announces that Scott Allen Jarrett, President of the Board, will take a leave of absence from his office as President, beginning July 1.


Karin Brookes, Executive Director
Dina Bash, Assistant Director
David Simmons Wood, Special Projects Manager
Donald Rosenberg, Editor of EMAg
Andrew Schultz, Part-Time Administrator
Rachelle Romero, Higher Education Coordinator

Board Officers 2020-21

Laurie Camm, Vice President (acting co-president)
Tom Rosenthal, Treasurer (acting co-president)
Derek Tam, Secretary

Board Members 2020-21

Jesse Blumberg
Tekla Cunningham
Benjamín Juárez Echenique
Adam Gilbert
Jean Hein
Corey Jamason

Scott Allen Jarrett
Nicholas Jones
Dana Marsh
Holly Maurer
David McCormick
Reginald Mobley
Patricia Ann Neely

Aisslinn Nosky
Frank Nowell
Gary Payne
Steve Plank
Byron Rakitzis
Carrie Sykes

Additional Councils, Committees, and Taskforces

Emerging Professional Leadership Council (EPLC)
Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Taskforce

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