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Is Pay-What-You-Can the Future for Early Music?

Is Pay-What-You-Can the Future for Early Music?

Ashley Mulcahy
Celebrating Early Music Month, we look into a new trend seen from coast to coast: a Pay-What-You-Can ticketing model. This scheme comes with high hopes for attendance and diversity but inconclusive results. This article first appeared in the January 2024 issue of EMAg.
Canto: Baroque Opera and Drag, a Natural Match

Canto: Baroque Opera and Drag, a Natural Match

Michael Galvin
'The kinds of roles written for my voice type, as an operatic bass,' writes Michael Galvin in a personal essay, 'have never fit the roles that have excited me as a stage performer. It’s why I’ve been so drawn to early music — the farther back one goes in history, the more the lines blur between what is prescribed and what is possible.'
A Teenage Mystic, a Revelation from God, and Bossy Parents: the Academy of Sacred Drama Revives a Lost Oratorio

A Teenage Mystic, a Revelation from God, and Bossy Parents: the Academy of Sacred Drama Revives a Lost Oratorio

Ashley Mulcahy
Biblical oratorios by Handel and Bach are cornerstones of a vast repertoire filled with forgotten treasures. New York's Academy of Sacred Drama is reviving these often-gorgeous obscurities, one show at a time. Led by violinist Jeremy Rhizor, their latest discovery is 'Santa Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi,' with performances this week. 'The oratorios exist as literary narratives as well as stories of Biblical histories and lessons.'
Showcasing The Fooles from EMA's Boston Summit

Showcasing The Fooles from EMA’s Boston Summit

Alyssa Campbell
You can now watch EMA's extraordinary 2023 Emerging Artists Showcase, with three headliners. To introduce their performance, a member of The Fooles here offers insights into new postures and techniques required of this 17th-c. repertoire. And period-instrument ensembles everywhere should take note of their brilliant tuning regimen, where tuning fickle instruments isn't a disruption but an engaging part of the show.

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When the Clarinet Got Interesting

When the Clarinet Got Interesting

Jacob Jahiel
At EMA's 2023 Emerging Artists Showcase, the brilliant duo of historical clarinetist Maryse Legault and fortepianist Gili Loftus gave a taste of their album 'Around Baermann.' The recording looks into a key era in the clarinet's history, centered on celebrated clarinetist Heinrich Joseph Baermann, who inspired music from great composers and helped push the instrument into new technical and virtuosic realms.
Shakespeare's Music, Where the Lying is Easy

Shakespeare’s Music, Where the Lying is Easy

Anne E. Johnson
Seven Times Salt's latest recording revisits music of Shakespeare's time. Some of the tunes are linked to specific plays -- 'Hamlet' is a particular fascination -- while others are suggestive of a theme or a familiar plotline, from 'Romeo and Juliet' to 'The Merchant of Venice.' All of it is beautifully delivered, often in charming arrangements. And the sonic engineering makes for a vivid listening experience.
Enlightened Women and their Salons

Enlightened Women and their Salons

Paul Corneilson
Once dismissed as "fringe events," musical salons hosted by women in the 18th c. are rightly seen as an invaluable source. Rebecca Cypess' engaging new book makes connections "that might otherwise go unnoticed."
Alkemie's Medieval and Modern Companions

Alkemie’s Medieval and Modern Companions

Stephanie Manning
How do you meld 12th-century music with psychedelic synth-pop? Composer Charles Mueller created new settings of troubadour and trobairitz poetry, where boundaries are a blurry mirage in the distance. Medieval ensemble Alkemie and Freelance Nun collaborate for an impressive blend of the medieval and the modern.

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