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In Memoriam: James Nicolson

In Memoriam: James Nicolson

EMA Staff
We remember harpsichordist and virginalist James Nicolson, who passed away last week. He was lauded as one of the most esteemed figures in America's early-music community.
The Rise of Community

The Rise of Community

Kyle MacMillan
New and Different: the rise of amateur Baroque community orchestras with no direct links to academia or instrumental societies. These musicians play with period instruments and are just as committed to historical performance as their professional counterparts. Yet 'we do not reject anybody because they are either too good or too bad.'
Party on for Ockeghem's 600th

Party on for Ockeghem’s 600th

Anne E. Johnson
An Ockeghem marathon, coming next week to the Met Cloisters in New York, is the latest event celebrating the composer's 600th. New recordings and new approaches to 'the hardest composer' of the 15th century is helping lift his reputation from mystical and complex to something more universal: 'it's just fabulous music.'
Canto: Ending the Stigma of Singers and Hearing Loss

Canto: Ending the Stigma of Singers and Hearing Loss

Thomas Cooley
'We’re all keenly aware of the stigma in classical music about people with hearing loss,' writes tenor Thomas Cooley. 'The doctor asked why I was crying. I responded: I just don't know other singers who use hearing aids.'

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Buxtehude and that Stylus Phantasticus

Buxtehude and that Stylus Phantasticus

Anne E. Johnson
The Philadelphia Baroque trio Filament has always been attracted to the fantastical sonatas of Dietrich Buxtehude. They performed the composer's music at EMA's 2021 Emerging Artists Showcase, and revisit his work now with their rewarding debut album, 'Alchemy of Another.'
Bridging Leonardo da Vinci's Worlds

Bridging Leonardo da Vinci’s Worlds

Jacob Jahiel
Constantinople, a multi-cultural ensemble from Montreal, is expert in spanning musical cultures. Their latest album, inspired by Leonardo's plan to bridge the Bosporus, is at turns exhilarating, intoxicating, and oversaturated — a 'fantastical swirl of repertoire.'
Soulful Sounds of the Sephardic Diaspora

Soulful Sounds of the Sephardic Diaspora

Aaron Keebaugh
East of the River, a cosmopolitan, multi-instrumental ensemble led by Nina Stern and Daphna Mor, celebrates the rich repertoire of the Sephardic diaspora, tapping influences from Spain, the Ottoman Empire, and Northern Africa, all regions where Sephardi Jews relocated after they were expelled from the Iberian peninsula between 1492 and 1497.
Singing, and Improvising, Music of 12th c. Sicily

Singing, and Improvising, Music of 12th c. Sicily

Karen M. Cook
In an engaging debut album, Egeria explores the 'Tropario de Catania' manuscript from the multicultural Kingdom of Norman Sicily. They take a refreshing, improvisatory approach, adding embellishments to what's essentially monophonic music, all of it beautifully sung.

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