Early Music in Higher Education

EMA recognizes the value of experiencing and studying early music at institutions of higher education and seeks to connect faculty and students through a variety of resources.

Where to Study Early Music

The list below is provided as a benefit to students interested in studying, performing, and participating in early music and to all schools of higher education as a means to promote early music activities.

Please note that programs, ensembles, and other activities often change from year to year and that they are often dependent on faculty availability. The information below is submitted by the institutions and users are encouraged to contact the programs for verification of details. Institutions may submit new entries or updates at any time.

Early Music Educators

Early Music America wants to be in contact with those who teach at collegiate and pre-college educational institutions and throughout North America to help provide resources and meaningful connections within the field. This includes but is not limited to ensemble directors, studio teachers, musicologists, and any other faculty who regularly integrate or focus on early music with students.

Please complete the Early Music Educators form to be added to our list of early music educators.

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