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Individuals and organizations (EMA members and non-members) may submit early-music/historical performance news and press releases using the form below. Your submissions will be displayed on the Early Music News & Reviews page once approved.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions must relate to early music or historical performance practice.

Submission titles should make sense as a standalone headline.

Example: “Early Music America to present Young Performers Festival in May” NOT “Young Performers Festival”

Submission Policies

Submissions are reviewed within 2-3 business days and posted to the website after approval. Posts will considered for inclusion in EMA’s weekly E-Notes newsletter for the Tuesday following approval.

Submissions will be also considered for inclusion in the EMAg news round-up Courant if submitted by the following dates:

  • March 1 (May EMAg)
  • July 1 (September EMAg)
  • November 1 (January EMAg)

Please note that inclusion in E-Notes or EMAg is at the discretion of the EMA editorial staff.

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