2023-24 Board Nominations are due by Wednesday May 3, 2023

Call for EMA Board Nominations

Early Music America seeks nominations for its Board of Directors, with elections being held in June 2023. Board members may serve up to two 3-year terms. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to nominate yourself or someone else who you think would make an excellent addition to the EMA Board. We are seeking individuals who are passionate about early music, are well-connected to the field, have experience serving on or working with nonprofit boards, are committed to equity in the arts, and who have time and energy to devote to the mission, vision, and values of Early Music America.


EMA’s mission is to develop, strengthen, and celebrate early music in North America by supporting the people and organizations that perform, study, and find joy in it, and by championing the contributions they make to the health and vibrancy of their communities.


EMA believes that early music provides valuable ways to understand histories and human cultures; that historically-informed performances provide important musical insights and experiences; and that all people and communities should have access to learning, performing and enjoying early music.


  • SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY | EMA commits to supporting early music communities, cultivating the joys and passions that inspire and connect our members and the field.
  • INCLUSIVE AND DIVERSE | EMA celebrates and embraces an inclusive and respectful dialogue, enriching and affirming our shared and diverse journeys in early music.
  • A THRIVING FUTURE | EMA models responsible stewardship, best practices, fairness, integrity, and meaningful attention to sustainability in our operations and governance to ensure that our organization continues to thrive for future generations,

Responsibilities of EMA Board Members

  • Hold membership in EMA, participate in the recruitment of new members, and be an active advocate for the organization.
  • Attend four to six Board meetings each year, including one or two in-person meetings.
  • Be an active member of at least one Board committee or task force.
  • Make a significant annual gift (typically $1,500 or more) and participate in fundraising as much as possible.
  • Help determine EMA’s mission, set policies for its operation, and establish its general course from year to year.

Nomination Form

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