Rocky Mountain High Baroque

Where cows outnumber people, early music finds a foothold in the high Rockies with ensembles like Wyoming Baroque, Baroque Music Montana, and the Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado. ‘Figuring out practical solutions for rural problems is a really Western way of thinking.’

Asserting Her Voice

The story of Angélique Diderot, talented as a keyboardist and composer, involves a famous father, a distinguished teacher, and a quirky treatise. It’s a glimpse into how women in early modern Europe broke a taboo and learned to compose.

Revivals Go ’Round and ’Round

‘Early music’ gets revived anew every few generations. What can an earlier revival teach us about our current revival;s method and aims?

The Many Faces of ‘Lisette’

It’s a poem, a song, a history across geographies. The Lisette Project uses an old Haitian Creole song to explore questions of political power and cultural equity. It’s part of a ‘fabulous, curious, and sometimes problematic mishmash’ from both sides of the Atlantic.

Art of the Day Job

If you earn a living away from music, are you still a professional musician? There are many paths to a balanced career and life, but singers are often reluctant to speak about them.

Emi Ferguson’s Moment in History

Flutist-composer-singer Emi Ferguson is a renaissance woman at the highest level—a teacher, an activist, and, above all, a thinker.

Keepers of a New Flame

The American violin scene is set for renewal as a versatile younger generation replaces their distinguished teachers.

A Mystery Instrument of Old New England

It was hidden for more than a century in the basement of an old house. The instrument’s discovery offers important hints about a forgotten history of New England ensemble string playing.

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