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Feasting on Festivals

Vol. 25 No. 2; May 2019


  • Features
    • Cover: Feasting on Festivals by Don Rosenberg
    • Inclusive and Enlightening: Amherst Early Music Festival by Keith Powers
    • Mad About Orlando by Judith Malafronte
    • Marvel in the Midwest: Madison Early Music Festival by Kyle MacMillan
    • Together and Carefree: Montréal Baroque Festival by Arthur Kaptainis
    • Early Music Goes Rural: Whidbey Island Music Festival by Philippa Kiraly
  • Columns
    • The Art of the Amateur: Lute Advocate Extraordinaire – Frank Gerbode
    • Early to Rise: Bursting with Music – Paulina Francisco
    • Canto: Gifts of Healing by Meredith Hall
    • Musings: Scroll ‘n’ Roll by Thomas Forrest Kelly

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