Vol. 26 No. 1; January 2020



  • Cover: The Makers of Dreams: Instrument Builders by Adam Knight Gilbert
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  • Builders in Boston by Andrew J. Sammut
  • Reconnecting with Tradition Through Historical Recordings by Judith Malafronte
  • The New(ish) Early Music Ensembles of Texas by Joshua Figueroa
  • Visual Puzzles, Aural Resolutions: Playing From Early Notation by Karen Cook


  • From the Editor: If You Build, They Will Play
  • From the Executive Director: Keeping Legacies Alive
  • The Art of the Amateur: Savoring the Source: David Montanye
  • Early to Rise: A Musical Chameleon Comes Into Her Own: Clare McNamara
  • In Memoriam 2019
  • Annual Member Listing
  • Canto: Voices of Inspiration by Arianne Abela
  • EMAg Puzzle by Joshua Kosma
  • Musings: Our Beloved Ripple by Thomas Forrest Kelly

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