Forgotten Clefs presents The Very Last Castle

Bloomington, Indiana-based Forgotten Clefs (Renaissance Wind Ensemble) tells the story of The Very Last Castle, adapted from the picture book by Travis Jonker, using music, dance, costumes, and props. The story includes themes of friendship, courage, and diversity, as the curious child, Ibb, builds up the courage to enter the modern city’s castle, despite warnings of monsters, giants, and snakes. You’ll hear and learn about ancient instruments like the sackbut, crumhorn, and shawm. This program, made possible with support from Indiana Arts Commission and Brown County Community Foundation, is geared toward children ages 5–8, but all are welcome to attend!

Join us for one of our two public-facing live events at Monroe County Public Library (2/2, 5pm) or Brown County Public Library (2/2, 10:30am).

Contact us at [email protected] if you’re interested in streaming a remote version of this program!

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