From France! Diabolus in Music: A New Springtime of the World

From France!

Early Music Seattle presents

Music of the Ages

Diabolus in Music: A New Springtime of the World

Songs and Roman Polyphonies of the 13th Century

 Live In-Person with a Virtual Viewing Option

“Experience the raw emotion of the human voice and embark on an extraordinary journey through time!”

Seattle, WA, October 19, 2022­‑ Early Music Seattle is pleased to present Diabolus in Musica: A New Springtime of the World at the acoustically magnificent Bastyr University Chapel in Kenmore, Washington. The European-style chapel is rich with hand-carved oak paneling, dark oak pews, marble columns, terrazzo floors and brilliant glass mosaic artwork, creating an atmosphere of grandeur and elegance.

The program takes its inspiration from two regions – the Troubadour songs from the courts and castles of Southern France; and the newly constructed Roman cathedrals. Both fostered new musical expressions in the 13th century. The developing feudal system and Persian influences from the Iberian Peninsula opened the door to a new appreciation for beauty, in the forms of painting, sculpture, and song inspired by Courtly Love. At the same time, the Roman vocal arts flourished with new chants and polyphony in the generous acoustics of these new basilicas and chapels. It was a time of astonishing creativity in both the sacred and secular worlds.

Since 1992, Diabolus in Musica explored the immense repertoire of music from the Middle Ages. For 30 years under the artistic direction of Antoine Guerber, and now under that of Nicolas Sansarlat beginning in 2022, the musicians of Diabolus in Musica have never ceased to share and delight, conferring excellence and beauty on this resplendent musical art. With an affinity for the repertoire of the school of Notre-Dame and that of the trouvères, the vitality of the ensemble is nourished as much by the discovery of unpublished musical works as by the known works of the medieval repertoire. The numerous artistic collaborations, the rich discography, and recognition in France and internationally have made Diabolus in Musica a pillar of medieval music today. Taken together, their work gives an important place to pedagogy, leading to many presentations and masterclasses in academic settings. They strive to share their passion with medieval-themed evenings – the “Vinum and Carmina” – with an ever-widening audience.

Diabolus in Musica Muscians
Nicolas Sansarlat, Artistic Director
Raphaël Boulay, tenor
Nicolas Sansarlat, vielle
Emmanuel Vistorky, baritone/bass
Françoise Johannel, harp
Philippe Roche, bass

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Diabolus in Musica: A New Springtime for the World
Sunday, October 30 | 7:30pm | Bastyr University Chapel
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