Improvising on a Ground for Complete Beginners is a Poster!

The ever-popular pamphlet ‘Improvising on a Ground for Complete Beginners’ from Septenary Editions is now available as a poster, with printshop PDF and printed options available for US customers. Designed for use with the Passaggi album of the same name, these materials have proven to be a hit with students and teachers alike, providing a guided route into historical improvisation which lays the groundwork for more florid and adventurous styles.

Also new on Passaggi this month is Miscellaneous Madrigals and Motets: Hits of the 16th Century, an album of tracks for pieces with multiple surviving sets of diminutions that don’t yet appear elsewhere in the catalogue. These are provided in multiple transpositions to be of use to all players of violin, viols, recorders, cornetts, sackbuts, dulcians and singers. More tracks will be appearing in this album between now and the end of the year.

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