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Los Angeles, California

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Other Wind, Recorder, Renaissance Winds

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Bruce has been playing recorder for over 40 years, mostly self-taught and studied in many masterclasses with Marion Verbruggen. He plays all recorders, including Baroque, Renaissance, and Medieval including Medieval double recorder. Bruce plays many bagpipes including these Early music instruments that are historical copies: musette (French Baroque), Northumbrian smallpipes (Northumbrian Baroque), musa (Spanish Medieval), Leicestershire smallpipes (English Medieval). Bruce plays capped double reeds – rausachpfiefe and crumhorn. Bruce dabbles in some percussion(ish): nakers drum set, frame drum, castanets, campanille bells, tromba marina.  Bruce directs ensembles in each music era – Medieval (Los Goytx), Renaissance (Wessex Consort), Baroque (Les Plaisirs Champetre), Regency(ish) (The Picadillys) – see their respective Facebook pages; all the consorts can perform in historic costumes.


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