Dr. R. Peter Wolf


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[email protected]


Bethesda, Maryland

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Of his New York début the reviewer for The New York Times wrote “The harpsichord can seem a genteel instrument, but Peter' Wolf's debut recital. . . at Carnegie Recital Hall was about as thrilling as gentility can be.  With this performance Mr. Wolf established himself as one of the finest harpsichordists before the public today.”  Since then, he has performed widely across the United States both as soloist and as a member of various ensembles.

Peter graduated magna cum laude in music from Harvard and received his Ph.D. in music history from Yale. In his “spare” time, he collects stamps and he and his wife, Rachel Doggett, have bred champion Cardigan Welsh Corgis for the past twenty years, Their youngest, Tiger, has recently earned his Gold level Grand Championship in the show ring..


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