Barry L. Lockard


Contact Information

[email protected]


Middletown, Pennsylvania

Early Music Skills & Interests

Harpsichord, Organ, Voice - Tenor

Early Music Affiliations

Board Member -Other, Composer, Educator, Instrument Maker/Repairer, Performer


I have been a devotee of early music since college where I began studies on harpsichord and organ. I have a special interest in the harpsichord and its music and worked for many years as a professional harpsichord maker. I’ve studied harpsichord with Homer Wickline (harpsichordist to the Pittsburgh Symphony) and Louis Bagger (at Brandeis, Boston). I completed a two year course of musical study at the Longy School of Music in 1996 during which I began harpsichord studies with Peter Sykes which continued for about 10 years.

I’ve sung tenor voice with the Consortium for Early Music under Annette Murphy (Wolfeboro, NH), the Longy Community Chorus under Lorna Cooke deVaron (Cambridge, MA), the Clearlakes Chorale under Andy Campbell (Wolfeboro), Key Chorale (Sarasota) under Joseph Caulkins, and Musica Sacra of Sarasota under Robert Parrish. I traveled with Sheila Beardsley’s Ars & Amici on its April 2012 tour of the Dolomites and Venice, the highlight of which for me was singing in St. Mark’s Cathedral. For 7 years I collaborated with Ms. Beardsley to bring early music concerts to the Wakefield Opera House in Wakefield, NH where I resided at the time.

During my residence in Sarasota Musica Sacra chose me to be a member of their Board of Directors on which I still serve. As a fundraiser for Musica Sacra I presented a program titled The Historic Harpsichord: Beauty for Ear and Eye. It consisted of an illustrated talk on the history of the harpsichord followed by a brief recital of solo harpsichord music and vocal ensemble with harpsichord accompaniment presented by myself, select singers from Musica Sacra, and guest harpsichordist, Julane Rodgers. Also, I did a brief private study of composition with Rex Willis at State College of Florida.

In 2021 I moved to Middletown, PA where I currently reside. In August of 2023 I gave my talk on the history of the harpsichord to a freshman music class at my alma mater, Elizabethtown (PA) College which was received with great enthusiasm by the students.


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