Mr. Daniel Deitch


Contact Information

[email protected]


San Francisco, California

Early Music Skills & Interests

Bassoon, Cello, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Recorder, Viola Da Gamba

Early Music Affiliations


Grew up surrounded with all kinds of music due to music loving parents. Alfred Deller to John Coltrane, Schubert to the Doors. Wanted to be the next Rampal, was a flute major at SF State University, but dropped out to play baritone sax in big and small jazz bands, flute in a working chamber trio, bassoon in the Golden Gate Park Band, then baroque bassoon with local and distant baroque orchestras. Such as the California Bach Society, American Bach Soloists, Portland Baroque, Arion, Apollo, Magnificat/Jubilate baroque orchestras, Chora Nova, Marin Baroque, various chamber groups, including the recent trio, Amis Jouant, playing flute, oboe and viola da gamba. To support the music habit and pay the rent, I run a woodwind repair workshop. 


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