Patrick C. Dittamo


Contact Information


Manhattan, Kansas

Early Music Skills & Interests

Recorder, Renaissance Winds, Sackbut, Voice - Tenor

Early Music Affiliations

Composer, Musicologist, Student


Patrick Connor Dittamo is a Kansas-based musicologist, composer, and musician, currently a doctoral candidate in musicology at the University of Chicago working on a dissertation on the reproduction of medieval and early modern reed wind instruments in the long twentieth century and the labor of instrument makers.

As a scholar, Patrick is fascinated by the practical mechanics of music-making in the medieval and early modern eras, including the construction of instruments, the development of musical notation, material culture, and the labor conditions of musicians. His editorial reconstruction of Bartolomé de Escobedo’s Missa ad te levavi (c. 1540-41) was premiered by the Grammy Award-winning Kansas City Chorale in 2019 and will be featured on an upcoming recording.

As a composer, Patrick’s compositions take inspiration from the musics of earlier eras, drawing on historical idioms, forms, and textures, and often regaling in a luscious post-minimalist style informed by modal harmony.  

When not in Chicago, Patrick lives in Manhattan, Kansas with his better half, tenor Dr. Bryan Pinkall, and their red-footed tortoise, Orpheus.


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