Contact Information

[email protected]


Bloomfield, New Jersey

Early Music Skills & Interests

Alto, Bass, Cornetto, Dulcian, Flute, Harpsichord, Mezzosoprano, Other Bowed Strings, Other Plucked Strings, Recorder, Renaissance Winds, Soprano, Tenor, Vielle, Viola Da Gamba

Early Music Affiliations


I founded Montclair Early Music. The core of the organization is a recorder group who meets weely and performs locally.  We produce several creative performances each year such as "Robin Hood at the May Faire", Sir George and the Dragon, Christmas in Italy, Shakespeare's Music, Rembrandt and his music.  We also do Outreach to Alzeiheimer patients and sponsor a Recorder Contest for kids.  The winners play at our Fall Concert.  .

Our events often combine recorders with viols, cornetto, sackbutt, crumhorn, shawms, pipe and tabors, singers, and actors.. The events are inter-generational with audience participation.  We are always looking for musicians to join us.  Contact me for more information.


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