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[email protected]


Brooklyn, New York

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Nancy Tooney was introduced to the joy of recorders by Patsy Rogers in the 1990's and she then moved on to study recorder with virtuoso Rachel Begley. Currently she is deep into learning mensural notation and playing from old music manuscripts under the patient tutelage of Valerie Horst and mavens at the Amherst Early Music Festival. After a long stint as a professor of biochemistry and an academic administrator, she escaped academe and was then employed for several years as business and concert manager by the Dessoff Choirs in NYC. She has served on the boards of three early music groups — Amherst Early Music,  Music Before 1800 and Gotham Early Music Scene, NY (GEMs). Nancy also likes to write. In addition to preparing program notes for the Recorder Orchestra of NY, she has had a few articles and reviews published in Recorder Society of LI and NY Recorder Guild newsletters as well as in the American Recorder Society magazine.


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