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Milan, Milano

Early Music Skills & Interests

Clavichord, Conductor, Fortepiano, Harpsichord, Other Keyboard, Soprano (Voice)

Early Music Affiliations

Board Member -EMA, Conductor, Educator, Music/Artistic Director, Performer


C. S. Tania Birardi


Graduated in harpsichord and in piano at the Conservatory 'Niccolò Piccinni' in Bari, among her best memories she has the participation in the first staging of Fellini's Gianburrasca following the discovery of the manuscript by Nino Rota.

Subsequently, she moved to Milan to attend courses of high artistic perfectioning in historical informed practise of keyboard instuments with Emilia Fadini (she is her last pupil) and Gianluca Petagna at Scuola Musicale di Milano. Among the significant encounters for her harpsichord training are those with M. Enrico Baiano and Jean-Mac Aymes. 

She performs in concerts both as a soloist and in ensembles in contexts that enhance the territory in an ethical way like Morellino Festival (2017, 2018), Serate Musicali di Milano (2019, 2020), Palazzo Marino in Musica (2021). She has recorded unpublished music by Giovanni Maria Sabino, the musician who founded the first Italian Conservatory in Naples, for the Unesco Club of Biseglie (2012) and is the dedicatee of Ettore Righello's latest composition "Scherzo in B flat" (2018) for harpsichord or piano. Her repertoire on key instruments spans the time span from the early days to the present day.

A colouratura soprano, she prefers 'a cappella' formation and has a repertoire ranging from Gregorian chant (Ambrosian and Benedictine) to early baroque. Her meeting with M. Walter Testolin was fundamental to her training.

The last pupil of M. Emilio Suvini with whom she studied conducting, in 2018 she founded and conducted the first Children's OrchestraCross-Over of the Sitema Abreu, the "J.O.I. Orchestra" , orchestra for peace, making its debut at the Auditorium Fondazione Cariplo Verdi for the Festival Giovani e Giovanissimi Città di Milano; she opened the festival "Choirs and Jouth Orchestra Sistema Veneto" Coregliano Veneto (2018) and conducted also in the same Festival the following year in Sala Puccini of the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan; she closed the project in 2020 due to the pandemic.

She is the winner of a scholarship that allowed her to follow Riccardo Muti (2018) in Ravenna during his training on G. Verdi's Macbeth.

Since September 2017, the Scuola Musicale di Milano has entrusted her with a course for children and adolescents, an exclusive educational project that provides for the complete study of key instruments such as the clavichord, harpsichord, fortepiano, and piano, respecting historically informed practices also  working on manuscripts with performances on a digital platform. She also teaches adults of all levels and her  students take exams at the Royal School of Music in London. She has decades of experience in the world of dance with stages in baroque dance.

At the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020, she was invited to the international tables organised by REMA-EEMM and EMA, as a witness to what was happening in Milan, and was their guest until April 2021. She is a member of the IALM and the EMA and supports national and international charity projects like Red Cross.





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