Stephen Bloch


Contact Information

[email protected]


Richmond Hill, Richmond Hill, New York, New York

Early Music Skills & Interests

Baritone (Voice), Harp, Recorder, Shawm

Early Music Affiliations

Historical Dancer, Performer


I started playing recorder around age 6, then took it up again in college when I discovered medieval and Renaissance music.  I've been an amateur early musician ever since, playing recorder, shawm, harp, dulcian, pipe-and-tabor, and voice, particularly the music of 13th-15th-century Europe.  (I also dabble in viola da gamba, hurdy-gurdy, cornetto, bagpipe, and percussion.)  I've been studying medieval music notation since about 2005, and have taught a number of classes on it in amateur or historical-reenactor settings.


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