Maestro Jordi Savall’s In-Depth Interview Released on The Gould Standard Podcast

The Glenn Gould Foundation is pleased to present a long-form interview with Maestro Jordi Savall for The Gould Standard Podcast.

The Gould Standard features heroes from across the world of the arts who are working to create a more inclusive and mindful world. In these interviews, listeners can hear their incredible stories, and get to know what makes them tick.

Episode 29, titled Jordi Savall: Music’s Greatest Time Traveller, features one of the world’s greatest living specialists in Early Music. As a conductor, composer, and viola de gamba player, Savall has placed his passionate stamp on a repertoire spanning 1,300 years and ranging across Europe, the Middle East, the Balkans, Africa and the Americas.

From rocking dance rhythms to sacred splendour, Savall makes the peoples of these distant times and cultures come alive again, sharing their joys and sorrows with us, and demonstrating that nothing human is ever beyond our empathy. In this rare conversation, the UNESCO Artist for Peace discusses his 50 years of bringing forgotten worlds to life.


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