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Please use this form to submit your order for ad space in our print, web or email publications. All fields marked with * must be completed. If you would like an ad on the front or back cover of EMAg, please send an e-mail to to check availability.

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Advertising Specifications for EMAg, The Magazine of Early Music America

Please complete all fields marked with an * to ensure correct ad placement.

Please reserve advertising space in the following issue(s)*:

September 2018January 2019May 2019



Advertisers have the option of submitting new artwork with each ad insertion. If no new artwork is provided, EMAg will rerun the most current ad on file as long as the last artwork submitted is the size as the current ad artwork reservation. If you are submitting a different ad size than previous reservations, you must submit new ad artwork.

Yes, I will be submitting new artworkNo, please use the most recent artwork you have on file

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Additional Notes/Instructions

Advertising Specifications for EMA Website

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All web ads must appear in color. Carousel ads are an ad format by which several images are displayed and rotate within the ad.





Additional Notes/Instructions

Advertising Specifications for E-Notes

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Additional Notes/Instructions

Contract Terms

This contract is for space only. Content of ads may be changed with each issue. We understand that Early Music America, may void this agreement if the terms and conditions for insertion of advertising in Early Music America are not met.

PAYMENT TERMS: Payment must be received within 30 days from the invoice due date above. If payment is received after the 30 days, a 5% late fee will be added. International payments must be fulfilled by credit either on online via our website or over the phone. We accept U.S. bank checks and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard. AMEX) only. We do not accept payment via international bank wire transfer.

PAPERWORK: Placement of advertisements requires a signed Early Music America Advertising Contract. Other purchase orders and insertions orders accepted. Advertising confirmations via e-mail are also accepted and must still adhere to the terms of this contract.

ADVERTISING AGENCIES: Agency discounts are not given.

CANCELLATIONS: Advertising cancellations will be accepted in writing via e-mail on or before the “Ad Space Reservation Deadline” indicated on Rate Card. If cancellations are made after the "Ad Space Reservation Deadline," the advertiser is required to pay 10% of the total amount due on the invoice.

ADVERTISING MATERIALS: Advertising Materials are due on “Artwork Submission Deadline” indicated on Rate Card. If new advertising copy is not received by this time, Early Music America will insert the ad that was most recently published.

COVERS: Reserved Covers include the Inside Front, Inside Back and Outside Back. Cover pages are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

POSITION: All ads except covers are run-of-book and placed at the discretion of Early Music America. Every effort will be made to meet placement requests, but positioning other than reserved covers cannot be guaranteed. “Special Placement” (guaranteeing advertiser’s request) with a 5% surcharge available for 1/3 page color advertisements or larger. Inquire for details.

CONDITIONS: The contents of advertisements are subject to approval by Early Music America. Placement of advertising in Early Music America assumes agreement with all stated policies on this rate card. The publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement, insertion order or space reservations at any time. Rates subject to change. When new rates become effective, advertisers with a signed contract will retain their existing rates for the duration of their contract. Early Music America cannot guarantee results for advertisements appearing in EMAg, The Magazine of Early Music America, and EMA’s monthly e-newsletter, E-Notes.

I have read the contract terms above.*

By entering your initials below, you affirm that the above information regarding your advertising order is accurate and you agree to the terms spelled out in the "Contract Terms."

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