October 1, 1:15 PM EDT
The Raritan Players invite you to enjoy music that filled 18th-century Parisian and London parlors with their program, “Sentiment and Sympathy: Music of Anne-Louise Brillon de Jouy and Ignatius Sancho.” Please join us, via on our website, our Facebook page, or our YouTube channel. The artists will be available for a post-concert Q+A on Zoom.
Anne Louise Boyvin d’Hardancourt Brillon de Jouy was a much lauded French keyboardist and composer whose private concerts attracted an accomplished coterie. Benjamin Franklin, Charles Burney, and Luigi Boccherini were often among those who attended her salon performances. Formerly enslaved, Ignatius Sancho would later become the first person of African descent to qualify for British enfranchisement. As a celebrated writer and musician, Sancho’s works carried the message of fellowship among all of humanity.
Sonya Headlam, soprano
Rebecca Cypess, square piano
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