Old World One-Hit Wonder, Caribbean Music Influencer

The latest installment of the comedic documentary series, “Stories” explores underrepresented works of the first women composers.

DALLAS – When not singing the praises of God, Teodora Ginés, a former slave turned church musician, would sneak out to provide music at parties to the extent the Church authorities
allowed… or knew about.

With a musician shortage in the New World, she was able to make her mark on Caribbean music as it is known today. However, there is little evidence surrounding the details of her life and work. This documentary, modeled after the 1990’s television show Unsolved Mysteries, explores the various possibilities that might explain this unlikely success story.

Dallas, Texas soprano Erica Vernice Simmons portrays Teodora Ginés and performs her iconic work “Son de la Má Teodora”. She is joined by Lewisville, Texas actress, Raven Thurman, who plays her sister Micaela. Simmons commented, “Teodora’s piece sounds like a vacation at the beach. Who would imagine that music from 1562 could be so much fun?”

Phillip Thompson, new to Lumedia’s Stories, narrates the documentary in the style of Unsolved Mysteries’ Robert Thack. Joining the Lumedia Stories team are art historian R. Jenai Talkington, screenwriter Douglas Bankston, and musicologist Billy Traylor. Artistic Director Julianna Emanski directed and edited the film.

On February 3, 2023, Stories: Teodora Ginés will be available to watch at no cost through the nonprofit’s website. Register to watch this episode at https://tinyurl.com/Lumedia-Stories

This season’s Stories are generously underwritten by The Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation. Donations support the nonprofit’s mission to bring early music to life.

Lumedia performs live concerts in Dallas, and maintains a digital presence via short films and documentary series. Short films have won numerous awards at film festivals in the U.S. and
abroad, and are distributed as in-house television programming to hospitals throughout Texas and the United States. The documentaries are freely accessible online, and taken to DFW senior centers as interactive presentations. Other installments of Stories series are available on Lumedia’s website at https://www.lumediamusicworks.com/stuff-for-nerds.

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