Orchestra of New Spain presents Spanish Baroque Operetta: Apolo & Dafne

Fri, May 12, 7:30, Sat, May 13, 3pm
Moody Performance Hall
2520 Flora Street, Dallas TX  75201

Apolo & Dafne
Spanish Baroque Operetta

The little known Spanish Operetta Apolo & Dafne is a staged musical comedy based on the Greek myth, which tells of the conflict of Apolo and Cupid for the love of the nymph Dafne.  The first act was written by the celebrated Sebastián Durón, and the second by Juan de Navas (circa 1705), employing a series of lively dance rhythms. The production will be brought to life by a top-tier artistic team including Mexican stage directorFederico Figueroa whose career has taken him to the major opera houses of Spain, including the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the Teatro Real as well as major theaters in Mexico; Antonio Bartolo the lauded baroque period specialist in costume and set design, who in this case places the action in Ancient Greece with more modern lighting and sets, Jaime Puente choreographer of Baroque dance sequences within the opera. The production team received excellent reviews in the Dallas press for the last production Love Conquers Impossible Love in 2020: “a welcome bit of fantasy”, “a visual feast….with spectacular assemblages”, “a generous supply of dance from folk to modern, it is fun to watch”.

Talented local actors, dancers and singers will bring the stage to life, including Mexican mezzo-soprano Jenny Ivanovna in the title role of Amor (Cupid).

Sung in Spanish with supertitles

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