Early Music Access Project

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Contact Information

(703) 587-0483

[email protected]

Charlottesville, Virginia

Type of Organization

Performing Ensemble, Presenter


Early Music Access Project is a rotating group of musicians bringing a wide range of early music to Charlottesville and surrounding communities.

We embrace a broad definition of early music, to include medieval, Renaissance, baroque, new music composed for old instruments, Eastern traditions, and folk music.  Exploring the connections between these various styles and traditions is at the heart of this project.

We collaborate with non-classical musicians, visual artists, dancers, actors, poets, and a variety of other creative individuals and groups to create extraordinary experiences for our audiences.

We are focused on presenting programs in the Charlottesville community and on partnering with other organizations that serve the community.  Educational programming is an important part of every season. 

Every effort is made to keep programming accessible to a wide cross-section of our local community.  We aim to reach diverse audiences through non-traditional venues, reasonable ticket prices and engaging programming.


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