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New York, New York

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Performing Ensemble


THE GOOD PENNYWORTHS, a vocal ensemble with lute accompaniment from NYC, was founded in 1986 to explore the interpretive possibilities of lute and voice, with a special emphasis on repertoire from the Renaissance period. During the past fifteen years, the group has performed and toured five exciting programs featuring a combination of quartets, trios, duets and solo songs, performed with dramatic flair.  Most recently, Garald Farnham, has toured a duo concert with a soprano, The Sweets of Love.  His current partner is Anna Willson.  Garald has also toured his solo entertainment, Passing By: My Life as a Minstrel, over 100 times before the pandemic hit in homes and venues throughout the USA plus 20 concerts in Merry Olde England in July 2016.  Besides formal concerts, Good Pennyworths has performed at private parties, street festivals and Renaissance faires, and for theater goers at the Delacorte in Central Park.  We specialize in interacting with the audience as we stroll and sing to lute.


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