Sinfonia Spirituosa Inc.

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Sacramento, California

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Performing Ensemble, Education


Sinfonia Spirituosa is a chamber orchestra dedicated to presenting bold, historically-informed performances on period instruments. Through vibrant, collegial exchange, the ensemble aspires to faithfully bring to life the broad spectrum of color, affect and rhetoric inherent in the music of the Baroque era. Their roster of strings, flute, bassoon, voice, harpsichord, organ, archlute, theorbo and baroque guitar allows for programing which displays an astonishingly wide variety of national styles and unique instrument combinations. The repertoire, which spans over 100 years of Baroque music, exemplifies the spontaneous, improvisatory character of this period, and showcases the startling, cosmopolitan harmonic language of the late 17th century, the rich complexity of the German baroque style, and the sumptuous textures and dramatic flair of the late French composers.

The members of Sinfonia Spirituosa lead multi-faceted careers as university professors, recording artists, soloists, conductors, chamber musicians and symphony players. They are active as teachers and performers on both period and modern instruments, and many are directors of their own ensembles specializing in early music, romantic music, new music, jazz and Gypsy swing.

A central tenet of Sinfonia Spirituosa’s vision is celebrating the music of the past while inspiring young musicians of the future. Through immersion in a creative rehearsal and performance environment, the Mentorship Program aims to stimulate and support promising high school, undergraduate, and graduate level instrumentalists and singers who are curious, open-minded, and committed to exploring original instruments and studying the musical language of the Baroque period.


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