PlayScore 2 Sheet Music Player App for Early Musicians – iOS and Android

PlayScore 2 lets you play any music straight from a photo, image or free PDF music site like IMSLP. Users can hear what the music sounds like or have the app accompany them at home as they sing or play their instrument, and in any key incl. transposition at baroque pitch.

  • Snap or download your score into PlayScore 2 for instant playback.
  • Hear the music as PlayScore 2 follows measure by measure.
  • Tap anywhere, adjust tempo, create loops.
  • Adjust part volumes to bring out individual parts.
  • Share the playing score with other musicians free – no subscription needed!
  • Choose from 18 high quality instruments (incl. harpsichord continuo).
  • Export MIDI and MusicXML to DAWs and score editors such as MuseScore and Finale.

Using the latest techniques in Optical Music Recognition (OCR for Music), PlayScore 2 follows the music on screen as it plays, with full articulation and dynamics. The Staves screen lets you mute or adjust the volume of each part individually, allowing you to play just your part, or with the others in the background.

When you share a PlayScore 2 playing score with others, they can use all the part-separated playback features free. They can tap-to-play, speed the music up, slow it down, create loops etc., all using our free download.

Because PlayScore 2 can play music from a photo, it is invaluable to people who may not not be good sight readers. Many thousands of musicians use PlayScore 2 to practise. The app has around 1 million impressions, 186,000 iOS downloads and users in over 170 countries.

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