Relic presents At the Temple of Juno

Celebrate the coming of summer with Relic in a performance that will enliven the imagination and excite the senses!

Relic, a touring early-music ensemble known for its spirited performances and innovative programs, will be performing its season finale at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (3 West 65th St, New York, NY) at 6:30pm on Friday, June 7. A gala reception for recent donors will immediately follow the concert. For more information and tickets, visit

At the Temple of Juno celebrates the coming of summer by honoring the goddess Juno and all she represents: power, jealousy, rage, love, childhood, and rejuvenation. Enjoy masterpieces by Handel, Purcell, Vivaldi and Scarlatti, as well as rarely heard gems by De Lalande, D’Ambruys and Charpentier – all in a program that flows seamlessly from one affect to the next!

“This concert is a chance to enjoy a wide variety of musical gems. Rather than adhering to multi-movement, full-work structure of most programs, we’ve chosen some of the most exciting and breathtaking passages we know and crafted them into a six-chapter narrative punctuated by poetry and myth. Whether you’re a die-hard early music lover or new to this extraordinary style, this program will have you transfixed,” says Cullen O’Neil, founding Relic cellist.

Relic members include violinists Kako Boga, Aniela Eddy, Toma Iliev, Natalie Rose Kress, Rebecca Nelson and Chiara Stauffer, cellist Cullen O’Neil, bassoonist Georgeanne Banker, harpsichordist Robert Warner, bassist Sue Yelanjian, and theorbist Cameron Welke.

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