Seeking Youth Baroque Orchestras – Innsbruck Festival of Early Music

After its successful debut in 2022, the Innsbruck Festival of Early Music now launching the upcoming editions of «youngbaroque». The International Youth Baroque Orchestra Meeting offers young musicians a unique opportunity to break free from their usual ensemble structures and collaborate with peers. During this event, participants exchange experiences, forge valuable connections for the future, and revel in the shared joy of music. Over the course of three days, intensive rehearsals take place, culminating in a grand finale concert at the Innsbruck Treibhaus. This venue, renowned for hosting music legends spanning genres from Abdullah Ibrahim to Joe Zawinul, serves as the perfect backdrop for «youngbaroque».

Situated in the heart of the Alps, Innsbruck boasts a rich cultural heritage and is internationally recognized as a hub for early music. It provides an ideal setting for «youngbaroque», where budding musicians not only engage in collaborative music-making but also have the opportunity to interact with performers from the Innsbruck Festival of Early Music, and even observe rehearsals if they so desire.

To organize the upcoming editions of the Youth Baroque Orchestra Meeting, the Innsbruck Festival of Early Music is searching for interested orchestras that would like to come to Innsbruck, Austria. This invitation is addressed to early music ensembles featuring talented young musicians who are not currently pursuing a music degree at a university.

Contact: Marion Feichter, +43 512 571032 15, [email protected]

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